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Cape Verde can be found on the top 10 list of ‘Hot spots’ for coral biodiversity, though no true coral reefs exist in the archipelago. Instead, there are a number of sites with rich coral communities. As Gatas Bay, on the NE shore of Boa Vista, combines optimal natural conditions for both coral development and safe snorkeling activity. “Gatas” refers to the local name of the nurse shark. During the summer months this type of sharks aggregate in dense groups in Gatas Bay. The coral community found in this bay is made up of stony corals that support a particular marine flora and fauna diversity.

Snorkeling tours are only possible at high tide, since at low tide the bay becomes very shallow and the coral heads almost stick out of the sea surface.

Trip to As Gatas (with 4-wheel pick-up vehicle) takes approximately 50 minutes from Sal-Rei.

Due to the Tour degree of difficulty, are allowed children starting from 10 years old.

Price: 50€ per person, included diving equipment (wetsuit, lifejacket, mask and snorkel).