Quad tour

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Nature, freedom and adventure… is a Quad Tour!

A tour full of fun and adrenaline, that will take you to ride through golden dunes, dirt clay roads, tropical oasis and colourful endless beaches with a fabulous tourquese sea.

We propose you two tours:

mapa tour quad

The ship wreck tour in the nort – The green tour
. leaving from Sal Rei
. crossing Floresta Colatilde (small date palm forest planted on the sand)
. stopping at Cabo Santa Maria Beach (to visit the shipwreck and swim)
. visit the Fatima Chapel (old chapel built by Jewish David to his family)
. Crossing Estoril Beach
. stopping at Chaves beach
. returning to Sal Reiduration: 2 hours
price: double bike – 65€ (two persons)
single bike – 55€ (one person)
The Santa Mônica tour in the south – The blue tour
. leaving from Sal Rei
. crossing the bay of Sal Rei
. stopping at Chaves beach
. crossing the village of Rabil
. Stopping at the village of Povoação Velha (for a drink)
. stopping at Santa Mônica beach (to swim and walk along the beach)
. crossing Farrapa beach
. stopping in Varandinha beach (visit the natural cave)
. crossing Morro de Areia desert (beautiful sand dunes with sea view)
. crossing Chaves beach
. returning to Sal Reiduration: 4 hours
price: double bike – 80€ (two persons)
single bike – 65€ (one person)


Requirements for the quad tour:
. be older than 18 y.o. to drive the quad
. have a car drive license
. childrens in the back with minimum age of 7 y.o.
. bring dark clothes (they will be very very dirt in the end of the tour)

Because we support sustainable tourism – Read this.