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Night sky observation

Arriving at the place of observation, guests will be greeted by the guide who, after a short introductory briefings on what is observed in the night, will begin to indicate objects visible to the naked eye.
Depending on the moon phase and the time of year will be observed planets, stars, and deep space objects with a telescope, lasers and tablet.
During the evening, you can take photographs to capture images of incredible objects.
Also will be made available to a tablet for learning to use applications that allow us to recognize the heavenly bodies, so that we can repeat the experience at home, with your own device.
On site there are chairs and blankets, hot drinks and biscuits.
The tour is suitable for children from 3 years.
The guides can speak ENG-ITA-FRA-DEU-SPA-POR.
No special technical knowledge required and the transport arrives directly at the place of observation.
In case of sudden cloud cover that no make possible the observation, the excursion will be postponed to the next night.